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Interior Decorating      

For residential projects, condominiums, apartments, new construction, and commercial projects, furniture, art, accessories, lighting, and window treatments are selected.

We begin every decor project by working with our clients to learn their unique taste and style, as well as space.

The furniture and decor pieces required for each project are sourced by us, including lighting and window treatments. Our recommendations are presented during the design meeting with a scale drawing of the proposed furniture layouts, including elevation drawings to visualize the relationship of the lighting and window treatments to each other.

Having approved the items, we begin the purchasing process, manage shipping and tracking, and oversee final installation.

Remodel Interior Design

We Develop and redesign the interior home layout and built-in items, including selecting all finishes, plumbing, and lighting, and creating design drawings and documents in AutoCAD.

As designers, we provide the necessary details and design specifications for the contractor to bid on your remodel. Once the Schematic Design, which includes all finishes, fixtures, and appliances, has been approved, we assemble the bid package for your contractor to provide an estimate of your remodel, if necessary.

Following receipt of construction bids, the client chooses their preferred contractor, and ICI Interiors takes care of all other questions regarding the design that may arise throughout.

New Construction Interior Design: Commercial and Residential

We work through the design of cabinetry and built-in items together with the choice of interior finishes, plumbing, lighting, and details of the AutoCAD construction document.

We will draft your project's remaining details in partnership with your designated architect and/or builder. Our services cover all residential or commercial construction aspects, including interior paint and counters, tile, flooring, plumbing, lighting, and appliances.

We will function as the point of contact during construction to handle any questions. Also, we will oversee the project to ensure that it is built to our specifications and your approval.

Our Fabric Collection

We work with artistically crafted fabric and wallpaper by the yard and custom rugs, furniture, accessories, and artwork.

We have created a variety of innovative decor items through our collaboration with international and local artists, including wall coverings and wall coverings, which incorporate the scale, pattern, and texture.

The patterns are made from original artwork containing the artist's unique skills responsible for the design. Whether or not clients or designers are working with our firm on one of the above services, clients and designers will be able to shop the collections online or in the showroom.

Learn About our Interior Design Process

The design process at our firm, whether it's an interior decor refresh, design, or renovation, follows our tried-and-true five-phase method that's been proven to work time and time consistently.


During our initial meeting, we discuss the pros and cons of your current space, along with your design goals for your project. Then, we establish your budget, scope of work, and timeline. Furthermore, we review inspiration images that reflect your desired aesthetic and style.

Schematic Design

Here we take a detailed look at your project and present you with preliminary suggestions for designing your project within the parameters set forth. Our process involves developing our style concept, sizing your space, drafting floorplans, and selecting the first selection of finishes, fixtures, and furniture. After presenting these initial ideas to you, we may further edit to reflect your feedback and preferences.

Design Development

We will develop the full design concept using the Schematic Design layout, where we finalize finishes, fixtures, and furniture selections that will appeal to your unique preferences. Our meetings will vary depending on the scope of the project and the size of the rooms.

Our objective is to help you every step of the way by creating the most significant impact first, moving down one detail at a time. We also take the design idea, develop the floor plan, and turn our attention to elevation drawings, cabinetry drawings, and lighting plans.

Construction Documents

More than just floor plans, we can also present electrical layouts, switch plans, elevations (how things like lighting are positioned, artwork and window treatments are positioned, etc.), and cabinetry. Once you approve the design, we prep all the construction documents and begin ordering items.

A detailed list of details for every contractor and supplier is included in our final drawings, so the design plan is executed as intended. We can help by getting estimates from contractors when you request them.

Contract Administration

As you wait for your furniture and decor, we aim to help you navigate what most likely will be an unpleasant and very disruptive process. We advocate for your needs if problems arise, and we make sure they are met. We also assist you in creating a punch list for repairs and/or supervise the installation of your furniture, art, and other accessories.

Our Interior Design Process Covers:

  • Creation of Floor Plans and Furniture Layouts
  • Provide constant Review and Supervision of the entire Project
  • Design Custom Architectural and Structural Elements – from Paneling to Built-Ins to Free-Standing Pieces
  • Custom Furniture Design and Fabrication
  • Establishing a Color Palette for each Unique and Individual Space
  • Selecting Wallpapers, Paints or creating Hand-Painted Murals
  • Making available our Entire Stable of Talented Artisans
  • Fabric Selection for all Upholstered Goods
  • Custom Window Treatments, Draperies, and Shutters
  • Custom Flooring, Carpeting, Rugs, Stone and Tile
  • Selection of Accessories and Fine Artwork
  • Custom Bronze and Metalworks – Railings, Sconces, Sculptures, and Decorative Pieces
  • Lighting and Audio Visual & Security Systems
  • Receiving, Inspecting and Consolidating all Purchases
  • Scheduling all Items for Site Delivery
  • Always Present for all Deliveries and Installations

A Personal Message from Us

Whether individual rooms or entire homes, ICI Interiors is committed to delivering excellence in interior design regardless of the size and scope of the project. Our commitment to our clients is unparalleled in the industry… our passion, attention to detail, and devotion to our work is reflected in every aspect of our design work and is best characterized in all of the heartfelt reviews that we have received from our appreciative clients over the decades that we have dedicated to our profession.

Teamwork and, above all, communication are at the very core of any successful project… in any profession. Carefully choreographed and executed steps must be taken every step of the way. We work closely with our or our client’s Architects, Builders and, most notably, with our own team of Artisans… a team comprised of the finest consummate professionals, which we have assembled over the many years that we have dedicated to our trade, and that have consistently produced and delivered the finest workmanship that our industry can offer.

You have all heard this expression before… “It is ALL in the details!!!”… and literally IS in the myriad of details, both seen and unseen!!! What genuinely separates one designer from another, is his or her innate ability to envision the final result and how to arrive there, by knowing the market, the manufacturers, the quality of their products, and workmanship… all integral components of a successful and spectacular design project.

None of the aforementioned happens without the relentless and incessant attention to every last little detail… it is multi-tasking to its most finite degree. it is laborious, time-consuming, exhausting, and “oh” so rewarding when the project is completed and the exciting, spectacular end result is in sight. But this long-anticipated moment does not arrive before countless supervisory visits to the site, endless communication with the myriad of professionals involved and attention to every last detail has been made. Yet, in the end, it has all been “worth it” and you would do it “all over again”.

Perhaps the single most important aspect of any design project. This is where the marriage of the minds between the client’s dreams and the designer’s vision begins to merge and blossom. This is also where parameters are defined and budgetary constraints are established. It is imperative that all involved in the project, be on the same page before the process and intricate planning of the interior design work begin.

And now the intricate work begins… this is when our designers’ juices really begin to flow. Maximization of space, and making the best use of it, is of utmost importance. Each room must have a logical flow to it… the sizes of the furniture pieces, the seating, the rugs, and yes, the artwork… all of these elements must achieve a cohesive balance in the space. Together they will create a sense of harmony and give it its own uniqueness.



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