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Learn A Bit About Our Approach to Remodeling in the Interior Design Space

As an interior design firm, we know what hidden problems come up during remodeling projects if you do not follow the proper steps.  To make sure that our clients get the results that they want within their idealized timeline and budget,  we have a strategic phase in our design process.

Design Innovation And Project Assessment

Field Study

The first step is to take extensive measurements of your living space or property. We analyze floor plans and measure doors, windows, openings, and potential restrictions like structural walls and beams or vents.


Our design team uses the information gathered during the field study to create drawings that communicate initial design intent to contractors.  We develop conceptual floor plans that feature any layout changes and removal or addition of structural elements.

Looking for a Professional Interior Designer to Remodel?

If you are looking to remodel your space, you have the question: “Should you hire a professional interior designer or not?:  You might reason that you are saving money by doing things on your own, but will you be saving money in the end? If you want your dream living space, hiring an interior design expert may be the best way to make that dream happen.

An interior designer is a well-trained professional with stylish flairs and well-versed in space planning and building codes.  A home interior designer understands what it takes to make living spaces smart and functional.

Home remodeling projects typically increase floor space accessibility. A successful remodeling job also means you are making smart choices with your open spaces. It is time for you to appreciate a kitchen or dining room with ample room for entertaining, or a bathroom feels tranquil.

Interior designers understand the best ways to make your project successful.  They also know the associated costs with this success. The right designer can be instrumental in choosing the right appliances, floor coverings, cabinets, or windows. Design experts help you stay on budget.

Interior Design for Your Home is Essential

The crucial part of an incredible remodeling project is finding an interior designer with extensive experience and who can understand what you are seeking. It would help if you had a professional that can coordinate the entire remodeling project.  At ICI Interiors, we have a team of interior designers, project managers, customer liaisons, and renovation specialists.  We can take care of every aspect of your home remodel for unmatched results.  

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