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A Bit About Our Approach AS Living Room Interior Designers

What is the Purpose of the Living Room?

The living room is no longer the outdated and underutilized room that it once was. Square footage goes at a premium now, so you want to use every place you have in your space, and you want to use your area effectively. The living room has moved beyond being a space for pure entertainment. It has expanded to encompass family activities, relaxing, or television viewing.

Formal Living Room

A living room can serve as a formal space to receive visitors, as a casual space for family gatherings, or as a combination of formal and informal uses.

 Informal Living Room

An informal living room can serve as a casual space with relaxed seating arrangements for family get-togethers.

 What are some fundamental basics to ponder when designing for a living room?


The purpose of a room is how it will be utilized. A living room may be challenging to design because it often contains large pieces of furniture.  You will need to properly layout a floor plan to decide how your space will be used and how to prioritize the placement of the furniture pieces.   You also have to establish a focal point like windows or a fireplace.


Furniture is the link between practice and purpose in any practical design. Furniture, ultimately, is the determining element in the function of the living space. You will want to find sofas that are as stylish as they are comfortable and chairs to match.  Your tables should be multi-functional, providing a place to set items like lighting as well as a storage place. Furniture selection is an essential part of any effective interior design project.



Putting textiles, artwork, lighting, and other décor accessories together gives your room charm and character. Fabrics in the form of rugs, pillows, drapes, and throws are consoling and a simple way to complement your room's color and pattern.

With a  color palette, you will pull your interior space together. Your artwork is an individual choice, and you should choose the things that you like, but remember the colors and mood that you are trying to achieve. 

Unfortunately, lighting is often an afterthought, but it is essential to building the living space in which you want to spend time. 

Finally, a few precious accessories work towards making your room feel complete.

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