April 26, 2021

Would Full-Service Interior Design Work for You?

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Are you the right candidate for full-service interior design?

The interior space of your home is ready for an update. Even better, you're prepared to live in a home that will fill you with love, energy, relaxation, and inspiration. But even if it's the right time to make this change, you may lack expertise or time.

It seems like you need a professional, and you wonder whether a full-service design is the best option.

For this reason, we are sharing four characteristics of a client who is perfect for full-service design and most likely to see extraordinary results.

But first -

What is full-service interior design?

Generally speaking, full-service interior design involves a designer or design team managing every aspect of your project, from concept to installation.

The most important benefits of full-service design are the final product and the time and energy you save. However, there are pros and cons to full-service design, and you should know what you're getting into before you start.

A perfect candidate for full-service design has these four characteristics:

1. Delegation comes naturally to you.

If you believe delegating is alluring (and comes easily to you), full-service design is guaranteed to save you time and energy. Full-service design goes far beyond our à la carte offering. With full-service design we:

  • From start to finish, take full ownership of your project
  • Specify every detail of your project, from foundational items to lighting and the trimming on your draperies.
  • Work with trades related to your project (millworkers, wallpaper installers, etc.).
  • Make detailed plans for the millwork, electrical, lighting, etc.
  • Make sure colors work for every element in your space by ordering finish samples and fabric memos.
  • Problem-solve with the contractors and answer any questions that come up along the way.
  • Ensure a picture-perfect unveiling by overseeing installation and styling

2. You want to hire interior design professionals

Our area of expertise is in interior design. When you hire us, you:

  • Take advantage of our expertise, resources, and vast network of artisans and vendors
  • Work with professionals who attend design events and stay on top of the latest design trends, products, and materials.
  • Get a home that is purposeful and fluid, making your life easier
  • Enjoy handmade pieces sourced directly from our vendors, local and international, or custom designed to your preferences.

Hiring a professional immersed in their craft comes with a lot more than just a quick information dump. You get the knowledge that goes way beyond the surface and commitment to your project. Those are our responsibilities.

In other words, delegation is one thing. However, delegation to interior design experts is quite another.

3. A person like you is open-minded and decisive.

Many people believe that interior designers will solve your indecision.

Before we can transform elements into a design direction you'll enjoy, we need to get to know you and what makes you feel alive at home.

But you can also go too far with this option. If you've already selected all the furniture you want in your home or like us to a source with you, full-service interior design isn't the right fit for you.

We are more than just shoppers; we are designers with proof that the best results come from trusted relationships and our clients' confidence in the services that we provide: design.

4. You are in it for the end result

Those clients who value the end result and don't just care about speed will not be happy and successful with full-service interior design.

The right interior designer can save you so much time. You don't have to manage the trades, check labor, or leave your job to receive deliveries, etc. But this kind of service doesn't happen overnight.

Depending on the project's scope, the process might take up to six months; for larger projects, the timeframe may be longer. The upside is that we dive deep into our clients' needs to create environments well-rounded and guided by relevant information.

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