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You have plenty of options when it comes to selecting an interior designer in Westport CT. Still, you must find the best design company to ensure that you get the exact design updates that you envision.

We are interior design experts at ICI Interiors of Westport CT.  We know what it takes to design a bedroom, a kitchen, a bathroom, a whole house remodel, or design on new construction.  We have seen it all and have worked on interior design projects throughout Westport, Southport, Fairfield, CT.  We have the expertise and skill to deliver highly-converting results on time and on budget.

As a highly-rated interior design company in Westport, we have developed a process that allows us to deliver the best interior design services to all of our clients.

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    Top Rated Interior Designers Westport CT

    Are you looking for the best interior designer in Westport CT? Look no further than ICI Interiors of Westport CT. We are the full-service Interior Design firm that you seek.

    From concept to completion, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of design excellence, professional integrity based on solid business practices, and meticulous attention to detail.

    Together with our stable of talented design artists and craftsmen, we achieve a seamless integration of architecture and interior design reflected in all the spaces we create.

    We offer our home design services exclusively to a handful of clients at any given time, thus ensuring that our team of dedicated professionals devote all of their time and efforts to provide you with the highest possible level of personalized service and commitment.

    Our sole objective is to create unforgettable, unique, functional, and timeless spaces. Your home is unique and our mission is to bring out its utmost beauty and character to reflect your distinctive personality.

    If you have recently purchased a new house or if you are ready to update the look of your space, it may be the right time to hire a professional interior designer to make your dreams a reality.

    Interior Designers will work with you to make your house look like a home. Hiring the right interior designer is even more essential.

    Save Your Money on Your Interior Design Process 

    Hiring the right interior design professional is usually quite affordable. Interior designers can help you come up with the right scheme. They can have their works complete the intricate tasks that you would spend your time and money on if you decided to go the do-it-yourself route. Interior designers make it so you get the results that you want without the time or sweat-equity.

    That said, it is essential that you speak to your interior designer about their price structure.  Don’t be afraid to compare designers if the price of your interior design project is the most important aspect.

    Interior Design firms all charge differently and charge according to their unique design abilities. 

    Relax and Enjoy Your Newly Designed Home When the project has been completed, look back on your vision ad compare it you the finalized product. 

    When you see that the match, just relax and enjoy the fruit of a job well done. If you are ready to find an interior designer in Greenwich, contact us today. We look forward to helping you with your interior design needs.

    What Interior Design Style Should You Choose for your home? 

    Interior Designers Make Decorating stress-free. Hiring an interior design is easy.  The right interior design professional will work with you to get a feel for your interests and tastes in design. 

    • Your designer should ask you about the colors you like and the overall feel that you are seeking when it comes to your home. Depending on your answers, the design professional will help you develop a unique look that lines up with your vision.
    • Your home designer will always run things before you before putting these ideas into practice and finalizing the product. 

    They will show you the color scheme of a room before they start to paint the walls. You will have heavy input before action so you will know if you will love the work when it is done.

    We hope that when you decide to start your interior design process we can meet your needs and become your interior designer in Westport CT.


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    ICI Interiors of Westport CT is located in the town of Westport and offers interior design services in all of the neighborhoods of Westport including Red Coat, Coleytown, Old Hill, In Town, Hunt Club. Long Lots, Saugatuck, Campo South, Greens Farms, and Saugatuck Shore. Mianus, and Byram. We also service the nearby towns and cities of Southport and Fairfield, CT.

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