Greenwich Polo Club

Located at 1 Hurlingham Dr in Greenwich, CT, the  Greenwich Polo Club is a polo club and event venue established in 1981. It is one of only four polo locations in the United States that offers high-goal polo. The polo club hosts high goal polo matches through the summer with tournaments usually beginning in June and ending in September.

The polo club is well-renowned as one of the premier high-goal polo spots in the world.  Celebrated for its unrivaled roster of well-known teams, professional players, and champion equestrian athletes, the Greenwich Polo Club hosts a few of the most significant tournaments in polo, including the esteemed East Coast Open.

The polo club is home to the renowned White Birch polo team, which is one of the most successful clubs in history.  It has won the most high-goal polo tournaments in the last 25 years.

The Greenwich Polo Club hosts high-goal matches, open to the public, on Sundays beginning in June and concluding mid-September.

Since its inception in 1981, the Greenwich Polo Club expanded from one to three fields.

From early spring, polo teams arrive in Greenwich from all over the world and create a significant population boost to the region.  The club has hosted teams hailing from the tri-state area, Florida, Kentucky, Massachusetts, and Virginia.  Additionally, the club has attracted international clubs from places like Argentina, Australia, England, France, India, and Italy.

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