Grand Captain Island

Located just of the coast of Greenwich CT, Great Captain Island, also known as "Great Captain's Island,"  is a 17.2-acre landmass that is the largest of a three-island group, including Little Captain and Wee Captain.

Great Captain Island is made up of the remainder of a glacial deposit.  The eastern and western sides of the isle are connected by a sandbar.   Over the years, the island has had serval owners, but since 1973, Great Captain Island has been owned by the town of Greenwich.

On the island is a non-navigational lighthouse called the Great Captain Island Light.

According to the Connecticut Audubon Society, Great Captain Island is of Connecticut's "important bird areas."

On the island are trails for visitors, with areas for picnics, grilling, and swimming on the western side.

Great Captain Island is the southernmost part of Connecticut.

There are theories about how the Great Captain Island got its name.  One notion is that the island was named after the infamous pirate Captain Kidd, who was supposed to have buried a treasure chest of gold and silver on the island.

Great Captain Island Light, the lighthouse, was added to the National Register of Historic places, in 1991.

Greenwich operates a ferry service to and from Great Captain Island from mid-June through mid-September.

No public tours are available on the island.

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