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A Bit About Our Approach to Designing Dining Rooms

All homes should have a dining location.  It would be best if you had a place where you can break bread with your family and friends. If you need more than a place in the kitchen to enjoy your meal, you should consider creating a formal dining room to host your meals, but do you know how much goes into the design of a dining room?

Undoubtedly, you have a few questions about building or remodeling a dining room space. Here are a few inquiries that we have worked through with our clients in the past.

  •         Do I need a formal dining room?
  •         What are the values of a good dining room design?
  •         What size dining table should I get?
  •         How large should my dining room be?
  •         How should I set up dining room lighting?

 Formal Dining Room: Does your home need a luxury dining room?

We often get this question when our clients are building or remodeling a home.   The idea is to have extra dining space, separated from the kitchen, to be used on an occasional basis like for special family events or entertaining guests.

 Reasons to have a dining room:

  •         You want to have space so that you can keep kitchen activities private when entertaining
  •         You want to use the formal dining space often enough to justify its existence
  •         You want the space to be multi-purpose so that you can use it for activities other than dining when required.

 Practical Dining Room Design:

  •         Dining room spaces should be relatively close to the kitchen
  •         Dining spaces should have good natural light
  •         The dining room should have a focal point like a window, artwork, or a sideboard
  •         The dining room fits in enough storage space for dining utensils
  •         Dining rooms should feel centered
  •         A formal dining room should join other places likely to be used for entertaining
  •         The dining room size should complement the size of the dining room table.  The table should not take up so much room that it is challenging to navigate the dining room.  Also, the dining room table should not be so small that it is swallowed up by the room's dimensions.

If you plan on adding or remodeling a dining room in your home, you should engage the services of an interior design professional.  The right designer will help you garner a basic understanding of the design options available to you.

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