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Learn A Bit About Our Interior Designer Consultation Approach

Having a consultation with an interior designer is an integral step in creating the interior space of your dreams. At ICI Interiors, we take a unique approach that provides us with the flexibility to provide value to our clients.

We work with you from the early concepts that you have to fine detail. From significant kitchen remodels to full living-room makeovers to a simple bedroom redesign, we work within your budget, ensuring that the result is functional, stylish, and reflects your personality.

We provide a variety of different services in our preliminary interior design consultation.  We have found that our clients benefit the most from a few of our foundational services that require an interior designer’s expertise.

Space Planning

Space planning involves an in-depth analysis of how you will use your space and what we can do to ensure that your space is most effectively used. Often, we find that space that does not function as it should or that is under-utilized is what inspires our clients to seek out our design services. With regard to space planning, we tend to focus on two areas – walls and other structural units or furniture and fixtures.

Also, we help:

  •         Determine furniture layouts for regularly shaped rooms
  •         Suggest drapery treatment styles to match your architecture and style
  •         Provide guidance on lighting needed
  •         Make suggestions around furniture styles


Paint Color Selection

Finding the right color is one of the most overpowering phases in any interior design project. Color selection helps in interior design consultation because it narrows the multitude of options that hinder forward progress. Still, it also leverages the expertise of a designer that understands how color can affect space. Let us help you choose the right colors for your home


Detailed Budget Analysis

Feeling unsure of how much an interior design project might cost usually prevents potential clients from even sitting for an initial consultation. The budget analysis offers unmatched value to a client considering a design project because it provides insight into how much their vision might cost and how they can make their dream a reality.

Your meeting with ICI Interiors is the time to gain an understanding of what it will take to make your vision real.  You will give form to your inspirations and ideas.  Whether you would like to begin the process of planning a whole-house project or if you would like help with the remodeling of one room, you will benefit from ICI Interiors' personal attention and expertise.

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