Interior Design Bedroom

The bedroom is the best space in your home where you can relax.  At ICI Interiors LLC, we know how essential a well-deigned bedroom is to your slumber, contentment, and peace of mind.  

The bedroom interior design, when done correctly, provides an escape where you can instantly feel relaxed and rested.  The first things you see when you enter your bedroom are the colors used on the walls, carpets, and bed.  The color selections that you choose should put your mind at a state of rest and ease.

Bedroom Color Selection

The bedroom’s color sets the character from the second you walk in. The colors that typically foster this feeling are neutral colors, like an off-white or gray.  You want to leverage a color palette that puts you at ease.

Bedroom Lighting Selection

Lighting creates the mood in the bedroom.  Soft lighting illuminates the room without being too harsh on the eyes.  You will want accent lights to direct additional lighting where you need it the most.

 Lavish Bedding

Do you want to sink like you or on a cloud, or do you need the firm mattress to feel comfortable at night?  You will need to find the perfect bed to help you drift off and help you sleep all night long. Add a comforter and pillows to complete your sleep refuge.

Bedroom Dresser & Nightstand

You must pay attention to the surrounding furniture in your bedroom. Your dressers and nightstands serve a dual purpose. The add to the beauty of your room, and they help you stay organized.

Sitting Area

In bedrooms with the allowable space, a chaise lounge adds to the luxury of the bedroom. When you are not ready to lay on your bed, this selection is a great place to sit and look out on your estate or relax with a periodical

Creating a perfect bedroom sanctuary is one of our specialties.  From custom pieces to the small additions, we have the knowledge and passion for creating a bedroom space that allows you to decompress and be at your best.  Let us help you build the well-deserved bedroom of your dreams.

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