Bathroom Interior Design

A Bit About Our Design Approach for bathrooms

Your bathroom is the core of your home and can be considered the most vital room in your home. Designer bathrooms elevate the functional activity of bathing and transform it into a soothing experience.

Lying in a luxurious tub, discharging tension in your body, and relishing the ambiance of a stylishly decorated bathroom can be a soothing experience. You should have the option to allow the tension of a long day at work to drain away.

It takes time to design or renovate a bathroom so they are typically the most expensive rooms per square feet to remodel, but it is worth it.

 A designer bathroom will include conveniences specifically chosen to meet your unique needs:

  •         For a bathroom to be used by women, you may want built-in cabinets and cubby holes to store cosmetics or extra electrical outlets for hairdryers or straightening irons.
  •         A bathroom designed for a family with young children will add in a more lively color scheme while preserving a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere.

Our Luxury Bathroom Designs

At ICI Interiors, our interior designers are ardent about changing bathrooms into escapist spaces. We are continually improving our craft by incorporating the latest trend in luxury bathroom design.

Our bathroom interior design team has over 35 years of experience,  refashioning spaces with exquisite bathroom features and refined décor.

Bathroom Interior Design

As your bathroom interior designer, we will maintain your unique vision while creating your timeless, rustic, or modern bathroom design. We will bring your bathroom ideas to life by utilizing the most premium tools and materials available. It does not matter if you are looking to do a complete remodel of your master suite or if you are working through updates to a smaller space.  We have, within our network, the finest bathroom designers and craftspeople in the area.

Custom Bathroom Cabinets

We are also happy to offer our custom handmade bathroom cabinets. We work with you to select your favorite wood selection and cabinet stain. Then our custom cabinet makers will create bathroom cabinets that match your unique style.

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