Babcock Preserve

Located at North St & S Stanwich Rd in Greenwich, Connecticut, the Babcock Preserve is 300 acres of woodlands and hiking trails. Filled with scenic marshlands and forests filled to the brim with ancient trees, the Babcock Preserve has something for every outdoor enthusiast.

Situated just north of the Merrit Parkway, the Babcock Preserve is the largest park in Greenwich. It boasts a selection of hiking trails over easy to moderate terrain.

In 1972, the town of Greenwich, partially as a gift and partially by purchase, picked up 292 acres of the Babcock family’s estate.

The town then worked to protect the wildlife and water sources in the area. They keep the natural flow of the environment while also fostering outdoor activities like horseback riding, hiking, and nature study.

They added a picnic area and improved natural trails with boardwalks.

There are many things to see at the preserve like majestic oak and cherry trees.

The preserve is home to rare and endangered animals like rabbits, great horned owls, and river otters.

You will be amazed when you see the view of the Babcock Preserve’s waterfall, just a short distance from the preserve’s entrance.

Here you will find many great outdoor opportunities.

The Babcock Preserve is open to the general public during daylight hours.

Leashed dogs are welcome to the preserve.

You will find a picnic area near the entrance to the preserve.

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