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Although interior design can make your home look fantastic, the design process should be done with care. If you do not choose the right interior designer from the beginning, you run the risk of getting skewed results that do not align with your vision. Get the interior design results that match your vision, take your time, and select professional interior designers from the start.

 Where Should You Start?

You should shop around and compare different designers.  It would be best to have an idea of what you want when you complete your design project. Know about your size considerations.  Consider what pieces of furniture you want in the space. Think about color schemes that you want on your walls and textiles.

 Get Referrals

 An effective way to find an interior designer that will work with you is to ask the people that you know.  If you go to a friend’s house and are enthralled by the work that you see, ask your friend who did the job. Ask your friend if the design experience was an enjoyable one and if they feel that they got actual value for the work done.

Learn About Your Prospective Designer

You should conduct interviews and question your potential designer about the work and houses they have done in the past.  Take a look at their prior work. Be sure to check out their portfolio. Check their online reviews and ask for references.  

Make Your Decision

After you have narrowed down your list to a few designers, decide your final determining points.

  • Who will carefully follow your vision? 
  • Who has the most experience? 
  • Who has the best skill-set? 
  • Who will work closest to your budget?

Work with the interior designer that will check off the most boxes on your checklist.  That will be the right interior designer for you.

Take your time when choosing an interior designer. Picking the right one will ensure that you get the build or remodel in your space that you want.  Also, it will ensure that you will enjoy the design from start to finish. 

Make sure you take your time when choosing an interior designer. Choosing the right designer will help you to ensure that you will get the interior design that you want. It will also ensure that the process is enjoyable for you and that it will be an experience that benefits you in the end.

 If you want to turn your home into the dream space that you always wanted, contact ICI Interiors LLC today.  We look forward to working with you.





Incorporated as a city in 1893, Stamford is a city in Connecticut. Stamford is the 2nd most populated city in Fairfield County and is the 3rd largest city by population in Connecticut.

Stamford is named after the township of Stamford in Lincolnshire, England.

 Stamford serves as a home to 9 Fortune 500 companies and as the seat of many other large corporations. This makes Stamford the most significant financial district outside of the New York City Metro area.

The Ferguson Library, Stamford’s public library, is one of the largest libraries in Connecticut.

The city of Stamford is located on the southwestern tip of Connecticut. Stamford serves as a stop on the New Haven Line of the Metro-North railroad, which is the commuter railroad for metro New York City.

In the southern part of the city, commuters also travel by Interstate 95, the main highway between New York City and Boston, MA.  In the northern part of the city, commuters travel via the Merrit Parkway, a smaller two-lane road serving the same regions.

Stamford also hosts the arts with some notables being:

  •   The Stamford Center for the Arts
  •   The Stamford Historical Society Museum
  •   The Stamford Museum and Nature Center
  •   The Stamford Symphony Orchestra
  •   The Stamford Theatre Works


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