Port Chester Interior Designer - Remodel the Right Way

Interior design reflects your attitude toward life.  The design in your home showcases your personality. To get the design for your space and achieve the results you want,  you want to follow a system with research backing the outcome. You want the help of an interior designer when you are ready to give your room or house a complete makeover.

Let us talk about how an interior designer can help change your house’s current look into an appealing one.

 Interior Designers Blend Design with Artistry

Interior designers have the knowledge and latent abilities to immaculately decorate any space.  They have a boundless bounty of interior decorating concepts and ideas for your project. 

Complements Your Style

Although interior designers have a wealth of knowledge, experience, and professional skills, they understand that the design process is about you and not them.  The right interior designer will work with you and help you build a design around your approach to life and your tastes. They will work to implement your innovative ideas and design concepts to fulfill your desires for your home décor.

Develops the Atmosphere of Your Home

An interior designer has the potential to renovate the existing appearance of your home.  By installing luxury furnishings and design accents, your designer will transform your home. Your designer will be able to draw on their superior selection of textiles, window treatments, and color selections to enhance your home’s features.

Will Save You Time and Money

 Highly skilled interior decorators know how to work within a structured budget.  They will help you purchase high-quality items at acceptable prices.

Offers High-Quality Home Decorating Services

Professional interior decorators have multiple suggestions for yo home design project that will align with your lifestyle.  They have the knowledge and expertise in providing home decorating services.  The right designer will complete your project on time and budget, crafting unique design solutions to garner the best results.  Accepting help from a professional interior designer is the best thing that you can do when you are ready to update your living space.  When you are prepared to begin your interior design process, contact ICI Interiors LLC.  We are prepared to assist you with your interior design project.



Port Chester is a hamlet in the state of New York and is the largest part of the town of Rye in Westchester County. Port Chester sits on the border of the state of Connecticut.  To the direct east of Port Chester is Greenwich, CT.

 The village of Port Chester is designated the "Gateway to New England.”  It serves as a transportation center between New England and New York.   The economy in Port Chester is comprised of small businesses, the local municipal government, and corporations like Stop & Shop, T-mobile, and Bed Bath & Beyond.

The village of Port Chester has five main parks,  totaling near 50 acres altogether.  They are”

  •         Abendroth Park which is a 10.1-acre park and features a section for dogs
  •         Columbus Park which is a 9.4-acre park with designated areas for
  •         Crawford Park which is owned by the town of Rye also with an area for
  •         Edgewood Park which is a 3.2-acre park and areas for sports and a small play area
  •         Joseph Curtis Recreation Park, which is a 7.5-acre park located north of the downtown area of Port Chester, has a playground area and multiple sports areas.
  •         Lyon Park is a 20.3-acre park that contains sports areas, a playground area, and the historic Bush-Lyon Homestead. 

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