North Stamford Interior Designer - Get the Help You Need for Your Vision

When you decide it is time to update your living space, you may find it hard to source the right upholstery, furnishings, window treatments, and décor to fulfill your vision.  Consider hiring an interior designer to assist you in creating the space of your dreams.

 It does not matter if you are moving into a new home or redecorating a current room.  You can benefit from a design expert’s advice.  Even if you have decided on a bulk of your décor, the right designer can offer you a fresh perspective, proposing ideas you would not have thought of and providing resolutions for remaining problem pieces.  If you are still unsure if you need a designer, consider a few dynamics that an interior designer brings to your project.


You might consider that hiring an interior design expert will be costly.  You are more likely to come in at your design budget when you hire a professional. Interior designers have professional connections and insider familiarity that will allow them to spend less on textiles and furnishings than you.  By relying on a professional, you avoid the potentially costly mistakes that come from a do-it-yourself job.

 Knowledge and Skill

 A skilled designer will look at your space from a design standpoint and take into account elements like light, line, color, shape, and texture to create the most visually pleasing arrangement.  A design expert can look at a piece of furniture, instinctively know where it should go, and how the other furnishing in the room should move to accommodate the changes.


Employing interior design services does not mean you lose control over the look of your home. Instead, your design professional is there to bring your inner vision to life.  Your interior designer will work to find the materials and pieces that match your aesthetic and space from the initial consultation.  Your designer will ask direct questions that will guide you towards a completed space that agrees with your personality.

 If you are prepared to start your redesign but are unsure where to begin, contact ICI Interiors LLC today. We look forward to helping you with your interior design needs.



North Stamford is a wealthy part of the city of Stamford, CT.   This section is mostly hilly and woody and is not as industrial as many parts of Stamford.   It also has a lower population density and higher income average than the Stamford.

 The two major roadways in North Stamford are High Ridge Rd and Long Ridge Road.

 North Stamford boarders Greenwich, CT to the west, Pound Ridge, New York to the north and New Canaan, CT to the east.

North Stamford has several reservoirs that provide water service to Stamford.

North Stamford also has many ancient cemeteries from the 19th century and earlier.

There are many parks in North Stamford:

         Chestnut Hill Park which is on Chestnut Hill Rd & Webbs Road

  •         Dorothy Heroy Park which is on Riding Stable Trail
  •         Scofieldtown Park which is on Scofield Town Road
  •         Woodley Road Bird Sanctuary which is off Scofield Town Road
  •         Mianus River Park which is on Merribrook Lane
  •         Newman Mills Park which is on Riverbank Road

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