Harrison NY Interior Designer - Find the Right Design For You

When your interior space starts to look tired and tedious, you may need to hire an interior designer. You may want to consider getting a professional on board to rearrange your space, enhance the appearance and atmosphere of your rooms, and enrich the appeal of the interiors of your home.

Since you will be investing time and money in enhancing your interiors’ visual appeal, you need to find an expert designer with the knowledge and experience to provide the finished results you expect.  It makes sense to follow a few steps to find and hire the right designer.  Here are a few steps that we recommend you follow when you decide to hire an interior designer:

 Identify Your  Design Style

You should know your style so that you know specifically what you need. You should be aware of the things you want to update and understand what you want to change inside your home. If you are unsure of your styles and tastes, you will not be able to onboard the right designer. Even the most experienced designers require your true inclinations and taste to deliver on design potentials and expectations.

 Check Designer Portfolios

 After identifying your requirements, check the prospective interior designers’ portfolios to find the right match for your vision. Before hiring a designer, you know their prior works.  You should assess their capacity to carry out the work you will ask them to conduct on your behalf.  By looking through their portfolio, you may develop some additional ideas about what you can do with your interiors.

 Know Your Design Budget

Knowing how much you want to spend is essential before you hire a design expert.

Meet with Your Prospective Designers

Once you have everything else outlined, you should set up a meeting with your prospective designer. In this meeting, you should discuss project management, turnaround time, cost overrun, etc. You can meet virtually or in-person to start the interior design process.

 Fall into Agreement

 Before hiring an interior designer, you should agree on the styles, details, and specifics of design work.  You will be working alongside this designer for some time, and it would make sense that you have a philosophical agreement about where you are going with the project.

 If you are not sure where to go next with your interior design process, we would like to help. Contact ICI Interiors LLC today so that we can help you begin your design process. 

About 8 miles southwest from Greenwich CT by 1-95, Harrison, NY, is a town/village with a co-mingling boarder.  It is in Westchester County, New York, and is about 22 miles northeast of Manhattan.  The town has a population size of about 30,000 people.

The town of Harrison was established in 1696 by a British government grant to John Harrison and three other individuals.

 The town has four notable parks within its borders:

  •         Passidomo Veterans Memorial Park which is on Lake St
  •         Veterans Memorial Park which is on Crystal St
  •         Saxon Wood Park which is on Mamaroneck Ave
  •         Brentwood Baseball Field and Park

There are several cemeteries in downtown Harrison, including multiple family plots dating back to the 17th century and earlier.

The three country clubs in Harrison are adjacent to each other. They are:

  •         The Westchester Country Club,
  •         The Willow Ridge Country Club
  •         The Apawamis Golf Club

 There are also many historic sites in Harrison, listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

  •         The Hadden-Margolis House which is a pre-revolutionary home constructed circa 1750 and added to NRHP in 2008
  •         Stony Hilly Cemetery is an African-American burial ground in use during the 19th century.  It was added to NRHP in 1999
  •         United States Post Office built in 1938 and added t NRHP in 1989

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